Stock Market Search For Similar Companies, Comparables(comps) & Competitors

Find similar stock of publicly traded companies in the NYSE and the NASDAQ quickly with our advanced algorithm. The algorithm is using deep neural networks with natural language processing to find similarities between the stocks. Another portion uses recurrent neural networks to find ressemblance in the stock variation all the machine learning techniques are then used in a sparsed matrix to create an automated recommendation for similarities. You will be able to find similar stocks to evaluate and compare the company for pricing and analyse its main similar companies. Version 2.1 F2_AT152FE (activity, size, fiancials, fundamentals, technicals )


Please enter the quote you would like to find comparable (only NYSE and NASDAQ stock) in CAPITAL LETTER :EXAMPLE NYSE:DDD : NYSE:[YOURTICKER] OR NASDAQ:AAPL NASDAQ:[YOUR TICKER] :

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Donate for the development of the website and your email adress will have 6 month free account once fully developed (15$ can have 2 quotes) with the full platform you will be able to choose exactly what you would like to find similar companies based on selected variables

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